be: twelve.. what it means

If you’ve followed football for awhile and if you’re from Seattle, you probably know how incredible it’s been to be a part of the cheering squad here in the Northwest. For decades, Seattle fans waited with bated breath for the one team that would change their lives forever, would bring great pride to the city, and act as a uniting force for the Washingtonians. Being a fan has become more of a movement and to me it’s become a reminder that when communities come together for a positive idea, incredible things can happen.

When we began our own journey of jewelry design and creation, the be.line was only going to be created for bracelets and necklaces, but putting the message out there on t-shirts seemed like just as good an idea. What we choose to be is really entirely up to us and when we wear it, we become it, and that is really our message. We can choose happiness, we can choose joy, we can choose who we are.. And so with the launch of our new and improved website, with so many new products and lines, it seems fitting to begin by introducig our be: twelve.

To be twelve is to be connected, to push through adversity, to stand tall and strong, to come from behind, and to work together to achieve the biggest dreams imaginable. I feel like this path to where we are now has been met with ups and downs, but has involved so many amazing people along the way. I am constantly reminded  that I am surrounded by people who have joined together to help me, teach me, support me, and come as a loving group with a common goal. Hopefully this is the beginning of great things.Wear our be: twelve t-shirt and be a part of a group who understands what together really means.

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