Love, Weddings, and New Orleans

I love destination weddings, mostly because I love to travel and secondly, what’s not to love about a celebration of love?? Two weeks ago, my family and I flew from Seattle to New Orleans to attend our niece’s much anticipated nuptials and it was magical to say the least. If you have never been to a New Orleans wedding, then I feel you may be missing out on something so different, and so unique, it might be worth planning one for yourself – even if you’re already married! I don’t know if it’s the Southern hospitality that is so alluring, the sunshine in late October, the old French architecture, the cuisine of the region, or the music that makes New Orleans such a special place, perhaps it’s a combination of it all, but there is a sense of freedom and most of all fun, from which you cannot escape.


The setting was at the Maison Dupuy, situated at an ideal location in the French Quarter. It was originally the location of the nation’s first cotton press, but was turned into townhouses later. In the early 1970’s all four townhouses were turned into one large hotel, surrounding a beautiful courtyard, complete with a bubbling fountain, twinkling lights, and of course, a swimming pool. It reminded me of the South of France and I was transformed every time I stepped out of our room.


Our first days of our visit were filled with exploring the streets, visiting landmarks like Jackson Square, and of course eating in several of the famous restaurants New Orleans is known for. We had hyped up the beignets from Cafe Du Monde to our kids, so that was first stop on our list..


The trip was kind of geared around every next meal divided by every next event which meant more food and drink.. This was more like a culinary tour than a wedding at times, but that’s just how we roll in our family – food is the bond that keeps us together! Laughing and sharing stories around a table is what our life is about – exploring new tastes makes it a fun way to expose our kids to differences that we celebrate. From restaurants like Cochon and Tableau to brunch at The Ruby Slipper or Stanley’s and on to oysters at Acme, we made our way through the town using our taste buds.



My children have an incredible bond with their cousin, the beautiful bride – she is quite a remarkable young woman – the type of person who brings out the joy in us all. She invited them to be the ring bearer and flower girl, and they both took their job very seriously. It was quite an honor for them and I’m certain they will both remember the experience forever. My daughter was included in every step of the celebration, as was I, the matron of honor, (which sounds really old, but it’s just a title)..There were lunches, pedicures, photos, more lunches, cocktails, parties, and then the big day. The bride had booked a suite at the top of the hotel overlooking the courtyard where she would be married, and we girls got to play dress up all day long before the big event. It was quite a day of luxury for all of us, and I may have opened up Pandora’s box for what my own daughter might want if and when she decides to tie the knot.. the bar has been set..


As the matron of honor I took the opportunity give a small token of love to the other bridesmaids, a small bonding symbol of the love we all share for the bride. I chose the delicate Amber bracelet to give to everyone, including the future Mrs. Fairbank. It’s  a stunning little bangle with a plate of crystals , but not overbearing in sparkle. A perfect piece for a wedding, but cute enough for the girls to wear on even the most casual of days..


The girls were also treated to a unique t-shirt from the be.line…Each of the bridesmaids received a different shirt with a different saying and as one might guess.. the bride got “be: happy”… After all isn’t that what we all hope for a bride to be?


And at last the event was to commence…we waited in our room with a view for the signal to come down. Every time I look at this picture I get emotional. My kids were so curious, and so filled with excitement….



The wedding was  spectacular , filled with immense love for the bride and groom – a true celebration of the couple, both families, and the bonds we have with one and other. My sister-in-law should be commended for the planning and work she put into making it all happen. She has a true knack for decorating – it’s her profession after all – and I think this wedding was her masterpiece. I’ve never seen so many white flower arrangements in my life – it was breathtaking.


 And the final touch to the quintessential New Orleans wedding…the second line. Nothing could be a better way to finish the night than dancing in the streets with the bride, groom, (and the rest of the city!) It was a perfect ending to a perfect beginning….


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