New Hair, New Clothes, New Friends

For most of us, Thursday nights are just the one night away from Friday ( although those who are still in college seem to have the four day weekend all figured out… I digress…) But for most of us who have jobs, or kids, or a life that has a routine.. Thursdays are the day that I think we actually look forward to more than Friday. It’s the day that signifies the beginning of fun, ease, and sleep…and not in that order.. Last night was a perfect example of why Thursdays are the new Fridays in Seattle.. it helps if you are interested in all things beautiful, new, fun, and fashion-filled, (and have a few great friend in fabulous places).. and here’s why..

I happened to be some-kind-of-blessed because I tend to meet and really fall in love with some incredible people – talented, innovative, free thinkers, you name it.. I find them. We become best of friends, then that’s the story. Case in point, I had the most wonderful introduction to one of Seattle’s most talented stylists a year ago. A mutual friend of ours introduced us to talk jewelry, and after a fabulous lunch at Bar Sajor in Pioneer,Square, we realized that being friends was top on our list, jewelry second. It’s been a love story since..Kim Brooks of Kim Brooks Style and yo… two girls on a mission… fast forward to last night..

Thursday, Seattle, Two Events…What???  Yes!salon essentuals london 7.

……It’s true… We started at an event that had everyone who’s everyone abuzz for the opening of the Beverly Hill’s Salon turned now Seattle Salon, Essensuals London. Essensuals London is the new innovative salon concept from the highly acclaimed TONI&GUY London providing the ultimate salon experience. Their launch in Seattle included a party-like environment with the who’s who of Seattle style, drinks, and small bites from the neighborhood Poquitos – and if you haven’t experienced Poquitos chicken sopes or their tostadas.. please start living, and get to 1000 E Pike St in Seattle… amazing.. and listen,  I lived in Mexico for four years.. so there..I know what I’m talking about….

Amazing food aside… the vibe was cool, style was perfect, and the location was great. If you are looking for style that’s L.A. but you don’t have the time to catch that Alaska Air flight down to our southern brothers.. please step into their salon and get a consultation from their style director, Jake Martin..he knows layers, color, and all the tricks…IMG_9361


Then there were clothes…and jewelry…and everything else fabulous….Drew Morrison, event planner, entrepreneur,and creator of City Guru, put on a bubbly event in South Lake Union,at Rigoletto’s Osteria, to showcase some of Seattle’s newest talent coupled with the city’s established fashion community. Dani Ackerley, owner of Canopy Blue at 3121 East Madison  St. # 104, was the darling of the evening and  provided incredible energy, grace, and of course, the beautifully selected pieces for the show. The jewelry for the evening was provided by Lauren Hale and her mother, Katherine, of Vasiliki Designs, and lets just say they knocked it out of the park. If you haven’t discovered Visiiliki Designs yet, you better jump on the jewelry train and get some of Lauren’s designs.. rosaries, one of a kinds, incredible hand-made pieces that you could only imagine finding if you were jewelry hunting in the best Italian, Mexican, Spanish, and French  markets… Lauren and her mother/partner are two artists to watch for…Other designers who joined in the fun were Masha Osoianu Design.who’s one of a kind pieces will leave you breathless, and Seattle’s very popular bag designer Ampersand As Apostrophe .Let’s just say her leather creations will make you drool.

Danielle Ackerley of Canopy Blue in Masha Osoianu Design and Drew Morrison of City Guru

Lauren Hale of Vasiliki Designs

The Runway


Best of all, I was with amazing friends and made some great new ones..It was a fabulous night and the perfect way to start the beginning of the weekend…. Thanks girlies for filling me up with good vibes, fashion fun, and enough laughter to get me to Monday!



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