be: fearless


Starting something new can be a daunting task. Risk taking has that word “risk” in it that can turn us all off because most people fear the unknown. However, the interesting thing about starting something new is that with each step forward, doors begin to open up, new knowledge is acquired, and if you are open to it, new relationships are formed. I start my first blog with this title because, well, writing a blog is new to me…(even though it’s 2014.. I should get with the program), building a website is new to me, and quite frankly designing jewelry was new to me at one point too. After six years of practice and study, I still don’t feel like I’ve even scratched the surface of all I need to know, but it’s a path that is evolving and I will share this experience with you. As a mother of two young children, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, my life can get kind of crazy – throw in starting a new business and it can get borderline chaotic. That being said, unless we tackle each day with the idea of being fearless, we may never reach our true potential. We may never realize just what we’re capable of.

This month is breast cancer awareness month, and if you know of anyone who has fought this disease, I’m sure you know that these women are fearless. Please make sure you get your screening and stay on top of your health. This month also marks the launch of the Empowerment Project: a docu-series about women across America who were asked, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”. The film has opened up an amazing dialogue amongst men, women and kids, and shines a light on what roles women have in shaping our world. And finally, after some painful imagery and terrible choices made by some very visible sports figures, Seattle’s Russell Wilson has become the spokesperson for “Pass the Peace”, an aim at preventing and bringing more awareness to domestic violence.

I know the above doesn’t really have anything to do with jewelry, or fashion, or business, but it does have everything to do with women’s issues and since women are my customers, (and I’m a women,) talking about being fearless is a good place to start. I hope you continue to check back occasionally to see what’s new and what has sparked my need to share. We have a beautifully updated website, brand new products and we’ve added a fabulous t-shirt line with jewelry to match very soon. We are extremely excited and hope you are too! And with that, I leave with a quote by author Jack Canfield, ” Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Let’s get to the other side and be the best we can be.